Google chrome cast – cast contents from your device to tv

Google has introduced an extremely cool device called Chrome Cast that enables users to cast content from their favorite smart phones, tablets, chrome devices etc to their HDTV.

Google Cast Device

Google chrome cast is a $35 device that looks just like an USB storage device. It consists of a HDMI outlet, that plugs into your HD TV. Now you can sync your streaming content from your mobile device to the TV. It is as simple as that. You can stream content from YouTube, Netflix and Chrome as of now. We can expect that this feature will be improved in further releases. The Chrome cast device connects to your smartphones or tablets using the WI-FI technology. Google always steals the spot in terms of it’s SDK for it’s released products. What do you say. Yes, Google released the Chrome Cast SDK that enables you to develop the app of your choice, that makes use of the cast device to communicate with your TV. Google has released the Cast SDK for android, iPhone, chrome devices etc. Google cast SDK can be downloaded from the Google developer site. As the SDK is in it’s initial stages of release, Google is looking forward for user comments, so that it can improve the SDK further. For further details please take a look at the Google Chrome Cast device page.


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